Compression Stockings


With the development of a wide range of fashionable dress, casual and sports related products, compression stockings /socks are no longer reserved for those with serious medical conditions and chronic venous disorders. It is becoming widely accepted that regular wearing of compression socks can prevent the development of venous blood flow problems especially in individuals who are on their feet for long periods of time or those who sit for extended periods.  Athletes are using these products to improve performance and speed up recovery. When blood is properly circulated, it restores much-needed oxygen and nutrients to tired muscles that have been deprived during a workout. Compression helps muscles regenerate more efficiently and helps to remove any lactic acid that has built up.

compression_socks_and_compression_stockings_are_available_at_your_penticton_pharmacy_carmi_remedys_rxDo you experience feelings of heavy legs, tired legs, or swollen ankles after being on your feet all day, after long periods of travel, or after sitting at a desk day after day? Speak to a compression care specialist at Penticton’s Remedy’s Rx Pharmacy to discuss your options today!

Compression products are available in a huge range of socks, thigh-high, and pantyhose with different compression grades from mild (over-the-counter) to extra-strength (prescription). Additionally, most private insurance plans offer coverage for such products.compression_socks_and_compression_stockings_are_available_at_your_penticton_pharmacy_carmi_remedys_rx

Even if your legs are healthy at this time, you can benefit from compression. Teachers, nurses, cashiers, office workers, truck drivers, runners, hockey players, soccer players, and hikers, just to name a few, will all experience better circulation and healthier feeling legs.

Because Compression Socks are specially designed and measured to fit you as an individual, it is important to be properly measured and assessed by a certified compression fitter. Penticton’s Carmi Remedy’s Rx Pharmacy has certified fitters on staff to answer all your questions and needs. Stop by our Penticton pharmacy and discuss the best product for your specific situation with them.