Compliance Packaging


Compliance packaging is a great way to organize your medications and facilitate your therapy. Let our pharmacists deal with the hassle of multiple vials in different parts of the house by putting all of your medications together in one place. Packaging is a simple tool that helps simplify and clarify what you are taking and when to take it.

Sit down with our knowledgeable Penticton pharmacy staff and review your medications. We can help you understand what you are taking and when is the best time to take your medications. We will provide you with a complete list with applicable notes for your records. Often, the pharmacist will help optimize your therapy and suggest changes that might include dose changes, superior therapies or alternatives to promote your well-being and reduce costs!

We offer weekly, biweekly and monthly blister packaging at no additional cost with free delivery! See our friendly Carmi Remedy’s Rx pharmacy staff for more information on how we can simplify your medication use with compliance packaging.