December 2015 eNewsletter WINTER AND HOLIDAY HEALTH

December 2015 eNewsletter


The holidays are a time for special festivities, food, and celebrations with friends and family. Whether you are planning for family visits at home or whether you are traveling outside of Penticton, as you move into “holiday mode”, here are some helpful tips to stay healthy this winter:

Stay protected from the flu and colds

  • Get a flu shot or nasal vaccine! The flu can be especially hard on older adults and young children. Protect yourself and your family by getting vaccinated every year.
  • Prevent the spread of the flu and cold germs by washing your hands often. Cover your mouth and nose every time you cough or sneeze.
  • If you do get sick, speak with your Carmi Remedy’s Rx Pharmacist (Penticton) about medication recommendations that won’t interact with your other medications or interfere with any medical conditions.

Travelling well

  • If you are travelling outside Canada, plan to get any recommended vaccinations a couple of months before you go. Some vaccinations require a series of shots prior to travel to be effective.
  • If car or plane rides make you feel nauseous, your Carmi Remedy’s Rx Pharmacist can recommend motion sickness products to make your journey more pleasant.
  • If you are flying, pack all your medications and other essentials in your carry-on bag. Don’t forget to pack extras in case of any travel issues.

Remedies for heartburn or stomach upset

  • Holiday foods and drinks are nice, but can sometimes affect us in ways we don’t like. If you happen to get a case of heartburn or upset stomach, your Carmi Remedy’s Rx Pharmacist can recommend something to soothe acid indigestion, quell nausea, relieve constipation or deal with diarrhea.

Medication safety

  • Keep prescription, non-prescription and herbal medications in secure areas where children and pets cannot access them.
  • Do not take expired products. These may be ineffective when you want relief, and some medicines, such as acetaminophen (commonly found in many cough, cold and flu preparations) can be harmful if taken past their expiry date.
  • Carry a list of all your current medications in your wallet. A medication review session with your Carmi Remedy’s Rx Pharmacist can help you with this and also give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

From all of us at Carmi Remedy’s Rx, we wish you a happy, healthy holiday!

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