Not tonight, I’m too tired

When “I’m too tired” is more than just an excuse

We’ve all faked a headache or used the excuse “I’m too tired” but the truth is many of us really are too tired… too tired for a little romance.. too tired for exercise.. and too tired to concentrate.  Life is busy and trying to juggle family and work can leave you feeling exhausted and run down… especially is you are iron deficient. Never mind the fact that those dark circles under your eyes and pale skin can leave you feeling unattractive. When going to bed early is your idea of a “good time”, it’s time for a change. Floradix is an easily absorbed plant based liquid iron and vitamin formula that is easy on the digestive tract and free of artificial colors and flavors. So redefine your definition of a “good time” with Floradix and rekindle the romance.

Iron deficiency affects 20% to 25% of the world population with iron-deficiency anemia the most common type of anemia.

Iron-deficiency symptom checklist

Do you suffer from any of the following?

  1. Feeling constantly exhausted or weak?
  2. Difficulty concentrating & completing tasks?
  3. Dizziness, heart racing & shortness of breath with exertion?
  4. Losing hair & brittle fingernails?
  5. Pale skin & dark circles under your eyes?

The more questions you answered “yes” to the higher your risk of being iron deficient.

Why chose Floradix liquid iron and vitamins at your Carmi Remedy’s Rx Pharmacy?

• Plant based liquid iron and vitamin formula

• Easy on the digestive tract

• Dairy, lactose and alcohol free

• Free of artificial colors and flavors

• Safe utilizable dosage

• Formulated for maximum absorption

• Contains whole food and herbal extracts

• Certified kosher

• Suitable for vegetarians

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