Pharmacist Awareness Month

March is Pharmacist Awareness Month.

Your Penticton Carmi Remedy’s Rx Pharmacists can help you stay healthy and active with a variety of Penticton Pharmacy services and specialized skills.

Do you have questions about your medications?

Carmi Remedy’s Rx pharmacists offer private and confidential Medication Reviews in our Penticton Pharmacy so you can get the most out of your prescriptions. We also check for interactions with non-prescription products. We make it, so you can take it! Compounding Pharmacists can make products for people who have difficulty swallowing, a sensitivity to certain ingredients or just don’t like the taste of their prescription. Compounders can also make specialized skin care prescriptions and custom medicines, such as hormonal therapies and medicines for pets. Quitting time! We provide Smoking Cessation programs* and, in some provinces, can prescribe medication to make quitting easier.

Health away from home

Travelling? Carmi Remedy’s Rx Pharmacists can give you an up-to-date list of your medications and make recommendations if you are changing time zones. Need a guest expert? Carmi Remedy’s Rx Pharmacists can speak on a variety of health and medication topics at your community group function. Just ask us!
Carmi Remedy’s Rx Pharmacists are here to provide accurate drug and health information to you and your family. Our Penticton pharmacists provide Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Asthma, COPD and Geriatrics counselling, among other topics. Feel free to ask questions whether your prescription is something new or one that you’ve been taking for a while.