Home Health Care

August 2015 eNewsletter

Home Health Care

Your health and vitality are among the most important things you have. Many Canadians are choosing to remain in the comfort of home as they mature, or are caring for relatives and friends at home. Safety and support are essential. Carmi Remedy’s Rx provides a range of products that can help.

Bathroom aids

  • Bathroom grab bars and bath rails can be installed to prevent slips and falls.
  • Bath seats can provide safety and comfort in the tub or shower.
  • Anti-slip mats and bathtub stickers offer a more secure surface while bathing.
  • Toilet seat risers and rails can help with positioning and getting up.

Personal care products

  • Compression stockings and hosiery offer support and help with circulation and leg health.
  • Incontinence products provide comfort and protection to approximately 3.3 million Canadians. Remedy’sRx carries a complete line for a range for needs.
  • Ostomy products are available in specific sizing to ensure best fit, function and comfort.
  • Pillows come in a range of support and shapes that go a long way toward providing a good night’s sleep.

Post-surgery or post-injury items

  • Fitted supports and braces can help stabilize you, aid in safe mobility, and make you more comfortable as you recover.
  • The right wound dressing is essential for proper healing.

Condition monitoring at home

  • Blood pressure machines, blood sugar monitors and other diagnostic products can help keep track of your health on a daily basis. Your Remedy’sRx pharmacist can help you choose an easy–to-use device and explain what your readings mean.

First Aid supplies

  • Most people already have some basic first aid items at home, such as bandages, disinfectant and antibiotic ointment. We tend to keep these items for a long time, so be sure to check for and replace expired items.

For more information home healthcare products, or for a private consultation to discuss your medications, speak with your Carmi Remedy’sRx pharmacist today!