Energy Hacks

Energy Hacks

These are some great energy hacks to give you a boost during the day. They may seem basic but health starts with the basics. Give these a try and see what happens. We’re sure you’ll like the results.

1) Breath

Oxygen is our first and foremost form of energy. We can’t live without it for more than maybe a minute. So if you are feeling stressed, lethargic or anything else other than amazing taking time to deepen and regulate your breath will help you.

While at your desk you can just bring your attention to your breath while you work and make your breath deeper and controlled, Even better step away from your work for a few minutes, set a timer and just breath in and out deeply and pay attention to your breath while you do it. We guarantee you’ll feel better!

2) Water

Our second most important resource is water. In a few days we will die without it, and a few hours is all it takes to feel the effects of dehydration. The most prominent symptom of mild dehydration is fatigue. This is especially prominent if you are resorting to caffeinated drinks and supplements to keep you alert as they will further dehydrate you or if are very active and sweating a lot. Keep up your daily intake of water for optimal energy levels.

3) Exercise

Exercise can give you a boost as a general addition to your lifestyle. It may seem counter intuitive but when you are feeling tired exercise can give your body the boost it needs. Giving your body times of intense work will increase your energy levels overall. If you’re feeling a slump during the day take a break and do some form of exercise whether that’s going for a light walk, doing some pushups, kettle bell swings or sprinting. It can give you the same boost as a nap!

4) Get outside

Getting outside can significantly improve your energy levels. Being in nature can be especially beneficial for your energy and general wellbeing. If you can’t get out into nature a walk in an urban park can still give you a boost to your day. Break up your workday with a couple short walks for optimal health and energy.

5) Light

Getting enough bright outdoor light during the day is essential for optimal energy levels. Bright outdoor light during the day tells your body its daytime and it needs to produce energy. Even if you are spending time indoors with lights on indoor lights don’t have nearly enough of the right kind of light to give you this effect. At the same time you want to limit your exposure to blue light at night so that your body knows its time to sleep. This includes artificial indoor lighting and screens from computers, phones, and tablets. Limiting your exposure to blue light at night will help you to get a better nights rest, which will then help you to feel better rested and have better energy for the day.

6) Changing stimuli

Your body isn’t meant to sit at a desk all day and if you’re feeling tired it may be because you need a change in stimuli. Changing venues, putting on some instrumental music, or changing tasks can help your body to feel refreshed and reenergized.

7) Sleep

Think of sleep like a critical nutrient. Sleep is essential to feeling energized and able to tackle the day. If you are not sleeping 7-9 hours a night energy hacks wont be enough for you. Start by getting a proper sleep and see how you feel.

8) Eat

Food is another essential source of fuel for our bodies. If we’re not giving it proper fuel then we’re not going to have the energy we need. Having regular clean meals with whole foods will help you to feel properly fuelled for the day. If you’re feeling a drop in energy it might be a sign that you are ready for a snack or your next meal.

If you’re feeling chronically fatigued it and these energy hacks don’t help it could be a sign of a deeper problem. Speak to your Carmi Remedies Pharmacist if you are feeling chronically fatigued. Call us at 778-476-0010 or come down to see us at 15-725 Carmi Ave, just up from Penticton Regional Hospital in the Carmi Medical Dental Building.