4 Key Nutrients for Bone Health

Bones are living tissue – they can be strengthened or weakened by our dietary and lifestyle choices. Osteoporosis and fractures can become serious health challenges if bones become weak. Regular weight-bearing exercise improves bone strength, along with bone health supplements containing minerals and other nutrients for the normal development and maintenance of bones and teeth.
Calcium is the number one nutrient that comes to mind when most people think of bone health, but Magnesium, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin K2 also play vital roles in bone health.


Calcium, the most abundant mineral in the human body, is one of the most essential minerals as it plays an important part in many bodily functions. Known for its function in bone strength and health, calcium is also important in smooth muscle contractions, healthy teeth, cardiovascular health, and normal nerve conduction.
Calcium carbonate is the most common form of supplemental calcium as it contains the most elemental calcium. Absorption is significantly increased when taken alongside vitamin D.

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Vitamin D3, helps the body incorporate calcium into the bones, boosting bone mineral density. Vitamin D deficiency-related bone thinning is common in certain populations, particularly the elderly. Vitamin D has also been shown to enhance immunity and research suggests higher doses of vitamin D may provide protection against certain cancers.
New research has led the Canadian Cancer Society and the Canadian Dermatology Association to increase their recommendations for Canadian adults, under the age of 50, from 200 IU of Vitamin D to 1000 IU daily. Higher vitamin D and calcium levels have been linked to lower risk for some cancers, including colorectal, breast and colon cancers (Canadian Cancer Society, 2007).
Sun exposure on bare skin is the major source of vitamin D, but long winters, geographic latitude, clouds, smog, and sunscreens reduce UV ray exposure and vitamin D synthesis. Adequate vitamin D in childhood prevents rickets and in adults prevents osteomalacia (soft bones). Vitamin D deficiencies are also linked to muscle weakness as well as general aches and pains.


Magnesium helps in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth.  It also aids tissue formation and proper muscle function. Magnesium is a mineral that is involved in many essential bodily activities. It regulates metabolic processes, including the production of energy from glucose, and metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Magnesium benefits the cardiovascular system by toning the vascular system and is necessary for the proper functioning of muscles, including those of the heart.
Magnesium helps promote absorption of other minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, sodium and potassium, and plays an important role in the development and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth.
The chelation of magnesium into chelated forms (oxide, malate, glycerophosphate) ensures the mineral enters the body cells more efficiently, making them more readily absorbed and metabolized by the body.

Vitamin K2

Research shows that vitamin K2 directs calcium towards the areas of the body where it is needed, such as the bones, and away from areas where it could have a negative effect, such as the cardiovascular system. Clinical trials show vitamin K supplementation can prevent and even reverse hardening of the arteries and increase bone density in individuals with atherosclerosis. Vitamin K2 not only increases bone density but also promotes the development of healthy teeth and protects the heart.
New research shows that vitamins K and D work synergistically to improve bone density. Many of the clinical trials examining the effects of K2 on bone density found much greater effect when vitamins K2 and D3 were given together as opposed to either nutrient alone.
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